The Family Farm Band has taken fans on a decade long ride through the tangled roots of a myriad of musical traditions. It all began when Stacy Kilpatrick walked out of the forest with her fiddle at Harrietville Bluegrass Festival in 2004, and had a late night jam session with Steve Douglas, an American musician touring dwon under with his Carter Family repertoire.

    Since that day, Family Farm Band has performed over 2000 shows in Australia, Japan, the USA, Canada and Europe. Travelling both geographically and historically through old-time, bluegrass, Australiana, folk, country, jazz, dixieland, bossa nova, blues, calypso, ska, reggae, and rock, Family Farm is famous for always keeping it fresh.

    Sharing their love and knowledge of ethnomusicology, Stacy and Steve have enlightened audiences everywhere, both young and old, with an energetic and informative live show that never to fails to communicate and captivate.

   Throughout the years, dozens of talented musicians have contributed to the Family Farm sound, the line-up varying with the “genre du jour”.

Currently joining Steve and Stacy as core members of the band are Shane Biggs on upright bass and harmony vocals, and Jeremy Meaden on trumpet, taking the Family Farm into the realms of an exciting new sound that synergistically builds on the band’s roots.

    Imagine a trip from an old-time Appalachian front porch – through the country, bluegrass and blues of the American deep south with a detour to shake a leg at an Australian Bush Dance. March down Bourbon St. for New Orleans’ Mardi Gras jazz, sail to the Caribbean for carnival Calypso, Jamaica’s ska and reggae, and the Bossa Nova of the beaches of Brazil, finally landing on the dance floor of the Central Highlands of Daylesford, Victoria where Family Farm makes their home.

For booking or further information, contact the band at 03 5348 1202 or 0408484959 or at

STAcy Kilpatrick

Fiddle, Saxophone
piano, vocals


Guitar, vocals


Bass, vocals



Steve Uses
Clayton Custom Picks
and Reverend Guitars


Family Farm Band BIO

Sketch of Steve and Stacy by Tamura Ken-san

Photo by anthony Scibelli